Rhone Valley

The Rhone Valley ranks second in total wine production among major French regions. While every style of wine is made in the region, red wines make up approximately 90 percent of wine production.

The Rhone Valley Region is divided into two parts, northern and southern, and differ greatly in terms of grapes, wine philosophies, soil and micro-climates. Northern Rhone, a narrow 50 mile stretch of steep, terraced hills account for less than 5 percent of all Rhone Valley wine production. The northern Rhone is located between the cooler climate of Burgundy and warm, sunny Mediterranean influenced climate of southern Rhone. Both its red and white wines reflect this diversity in their robust flavors, producing some of the areas most coveted wines in its steepest vineyards.

Southern Rhone, with its wide open vistas and rolling hills, provides a warmer, milder climate and produces about 95 percent of the entire Rhone Valley’s wine production. A large variety of grapes is permitted to grow in appellations across the valley, producing many blended wines resulting in medium bodied wines ranging in flavor from ripe peach and citrus to herbal and nutty. Rhone’s dark and fruity red wines, Rose’s and good sweet wines are also produced in the valley.