Southern France

The ongoing global demand for affordable wines has brought the appellations of southern France’s coast and southwest region renewed attention, shedding its long known stigma of “quantity, not quality”. And their wines are improving dramatically. Le Midi – the storied South of France – includes the regions of Languedoc, Rousillon* and Provence. Languedoc and Rousillon produce vast amounts of mostly red wines, Provence being well known for its delicious herb-edged dry roses, and also an overlooked source of bold reds. With its land and climate influenced by the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, and the abundant sunshine of Mediterranean, it is possible to make every style of wine here. The wines of France’s southwest have been little known to the United States, but that is changing.

{*Languedoc and Rousillon are often referred to together as a single hyphenated entity, Languedoc-Rousillo, or as just Languedoc}